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Nationality: TURKEY | Travel Date: September 2017

Passangers: 10

Hi daniel and olivia

      Thanks for your good service first. And same itineraru I have for 29 dec.Pls check it and give a quote pls. 29 dec arrive guatemala city and transfer to antigua 30 dec antigua city tour and panajachel 31 dec atitlan lake tour santiago and san pedro and transfer to antigua 16-18 pax. . 

Best regards

Nationality: TURKEY | Travel Date: Julio 2017

Passangers: 13

Hi Olivia,
Firstly thanks for last JUNE group services. All services was perfect, everythings was on time.
Pls update my September group request.

Nationality: USA | Travel Date: Julio 2017

Passangers: 4

Hola Olivia,

     Si disfrutamos el viaje muchisimas gracias por todo. El servicio tuvo pocos percances los cuales ustedes resolvieron immediatamente. Muchas gracias por todo y definiitivament recomendare esta compañia a mis amistades en un futuro. Gracias otra vez por todo el servicio y amabilidad. 

Thank you for your business!

Silvia Mora

Nationality: Lituania | Travel Date: Julio 2016

Passangers: 8

Dear Olivia

Thank you. We are very happy with Marvelus Travel services and will reccomend your company to our friends. All was very well organized and we didnt have any problems.

Thank you very much 

My best regards 


Nationality: USA | Travel Date: February 2016

Passangers: 5


hello, just wanted to thank you for providing excellent service on our trip to copan. drivers were very punctual,accommodating and friendly. copan guide was extremely knowledgeable and very nice. all my friends were very impressed on the excellent travel arrangements I had made through you.

thanks again

Lee zalud

Nationality: Germany | Travel Date: February 2015

Passangers: 2


We enjoyed our travels a lot. It was the best way we could choose to travel through Mexico. We saw so many beautiful and impressive places in such a short time. Everything was very well organized and we didn't have any problems anywhere with our hostels or tours.
The way of travelling was very different from what I expected because it wasn't like a travel group that stays together or sees each other every now and then during the trip. It was more like a private tour with public buses and we didn't see the people from our day tours again any other day. That's why I wouldn't recommend it for people travelling alone, but for people of more than 2 marvelus travel really organizes the best tours. 
I had a lot of fun on my trip.
Thank you,


Nationality: Frances | Travel Date: Octuber 2014

Passangers: 2

Dear Olivia, Dear Daniel, Dear all, 
Voila we are came back in Europe, 
We want to thank you for this amazing trip! We had some problems but you were always very reactive to handle them and to solve them ! 
We are very happy of our collaboration, and why not to work together again for our next trip, 
We planned to go in Perou and Chili in the next years, do you work in these countries? 
Have a nice day, 


Nationality: USA | Travel Date: July 2014

Passangers: 2

Dear Olivia,

Thank you for the email. We had a fantastic time in Guatemala. Our driver, Domingo, was excellent. He drove with great care, was always punctual and willing to stop whenever we wanted/needed to. He had an extremely pleasant demeanour and ensured our safety at all times. The trip went very smoothly and the we thoroughly enjoyed it. The only glitch was on the final day when it was a little unclear when would be arriving in Belize and the driver in Belize took us to his hotel rather than the one we had booked. However, he too was very kind and after we explained took us to our hotel. 

Thank you for organising our tour. 

Kind regards, 

Nationality: USA | Travel Date: May 2014

Passangers: 2

Hey Olivia,
We had a great time!
We enjoyed our organized tour. We felt safe and we enjoyed the places we saw in Guatemala very much. We plan to travel to other countries in Central America and South America and we will definitely go with Marvelus Travel :). Thank you!

Nationality: USA | Travel Date: April 2014

Passangers: 2

Marvelus Travel is a wonderful travel agency! They are fairly priced, have excursions all over Central America, and have outstanding customer service. Shuttle services can be very unreliable in Guatemala, but Marvelus Travel made sure every shuttle was on time with smooth transitions. We had no problems with any of the transportation they provided. They even went as far as contacting me via one of the drivers en route because I didn't have my cell phone turned on to tell me that my next shuttle was going to be early. Marvelus Travel is an outstanding company and I highly recommend traveling with them.

Emily Ellison 

Nationality: Brasil | Travel Date: March 2014

Passangers: 2

Hi Olivia,

I and Soraia are in Cancun now.
Everything was OK in our trip. Tomorow we will leave the Mexico.
Thank you very much for your services.

Best regards
Giancarlo - Brazil 

Nationality: Polonia | Travel Date: February 2014

Passangers: 4

Hello Olivia! We are back home. I would like thank you for all your help. Our journey was great and I hope to came back to visit other countries of the region. I send you our photo and wish you good luck. 
Best regards 


Nationality: Russian | Travel Date: January 2014

Passangers: 2

Dear Daniel & Olivia,

Tomorrow is our last day in Mexico, and we are very happy that our vacation was really great because of your help. Thank you for organizing everything. Your work really was marvelous! You have done everything we wanted although our needs were not the easiest ones. All hotels were good, we could see everything we wanted.

Also we really enjoyed Miltons work. We were happy to make this tour with his kind assistance. He drives really good, had showed us all the most important places, helped us with all our requests.

We will leave a good reference about your work in one of the biggest Russian Forums for travelers. Also please feel free to use this mail on your web-site.

We have also send a small gift for you by Milton, hope you'll enjoy it!

With all our best wishes,
Natalia & Daria Lopashenko.

PS Are you also working with Ecuador, or only with Central America? We are already thinking about our next years vacation :)

Nationality: Italian | Travel Date: January 2014

Passangers: 2

Hello Olivia, in general we are very satisfied of your services and your patience and precious help.

I have only a suggestion: it is better to have all the reserved tickets sent in advance without having to request them every some days, and to send all the vouchers for the tours as we were always requested a copy.

I surely will recommend your agency to anyone who wants to travel this area.
Thank you for all.

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