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Backpackers, Great Adventure People.

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US$300 Extra: Add on accommodation with your trip and sleep at Great Hostel while Travel


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Minimum 1 Maximum 14 pax

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Canopy Monteverde, La Fortuna Arenal, Isleta Granada, Pacaya trek, Home stay, Semuc Champey, Tikal tour, Chichen itza Ruins, Palenque Ruins, Caynon del Sumidero, Mezcal Factory, Teotihuacan pyramids

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San Jose / Mexico City

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Age Required:

15 - 70


San Jose Antigua  Cancun  Mexico


Local Guide Included:Included activities with bus passes.
Transportation All Your Transportation:  in First Class Public Buses or Hostel to Hostel Shared vans.
HighlightActivities:  in destinations along the route.
Itinerary Flexible Itineraries:  so you can feel free to stay as long as you want in each destination.
Departures Daily Departures:  in all routes and activities.
assistance Free English Speaking assistance:  for all of your questions and itinerary changes.
Contact Email, Gmail Chat or over the phone:  to speak with a MARVELUS Representative.

Recommended Time: 38 days

Included stops: 

San Jose - Monteverde - La Fortuna -Liberia - San Juan del Sur - Omete (by your own) Granada - Managua - San Salvador - Guatemala city - Antigua - Panajachel - Antigua - lanquin - Flores Tikal - Belize Caye Caulker - Tulum - Playa del Carmen - Chichen itza - Merida - Palenque - San Cristobal - Oaxaca - Mexico city


flag Day 1 San San Jose - Monteverde

Hop on at Hotel in San Jose Center to transfer you in Montevede Cloudy forest mountains, so you will ride bu shared van for 4 hours

flag Day 2 Monteverde Canopy tour

Todat from your hostel our local partner will pick you up to ride by shered van to National park of Monteverde, where you will have an intruction for Canopy experience to enjoy the funniest adventures to enjoy this longest and largest extreme zipline of Canopy in Central America

flag Day 3 Monteverde - La Fortuna

You will take a shuttle bus from Monteverde to La Fortuna, for 4 hours, so enjoy this trip legs while see the real good mountains and hills along the route, you will travel by Jeep boat to Jeep as great local transportations organized by our local partner.

flag Day 4: La Fortuna - San Juan del Sur.

Today our local partner will meet you in Monteverde Hotel Center and you take a shared van to travel in San Juan del Sur for 4 hours, this riding you will get a stop by the way as Costa Rica Borders as Nicaragua to check it out your documents and finnally will drop you off at hotel center

flag Day 5 Free day San Juan del Sur

Today you will be got an orientation walking, swing and surfing local activities in the Beach, you have a great chante to enjoy the San Juan del Sur at your own pace

flag Day 6: San Juan del Sur to Granada

After a relaxed beach in San Juan del Sur the local partner will meet you in your hotel to transfer you in Granada Colonial city for 3 hours of course you will have a shared driver and transport even you can get a nice friends as like mind travellers

flag Day 7: Isletas Tour in Granada

Today our local funny tour guide take from your hotel to transfer you from Granda Centre to isletas tour by local safe boat for 3 hours, where you will have nice stopping to see the how live the local people in the Isletas, while getting a deep explanation of local guide, later you will back to you hotel and getting a free afternoon to relaxing as local people in Granada.

flag Day 8: Granada to Managua

The Driver will meet you at hotel reception and take by a shared van to get an transfer orientation from Granada to Managua city, which is very possible to hop off at Tica Bus station or International airport

flag Day 9: Managua to Tegucigalpa

Today you will take your trip by our local safe first class public autobus from Managua to Tegucigalpa for 8 hours

flag Day 10: Managua City to San Pedro Sula

Once you have got from Managua city you travel to San Pedro Sula for all the day, this long trip will make you to travelling for 14 hours, you get a stop in Tegucigalpa for drop off and pick up passengers

flag Day 11: San Pedro Sula to La Ceiba to Roatan (by your own) by boat

Today you will take a shared transport land to get in Ceiba city for 2 hours and you get a comfort boat to arrive at the best and beauty island called Roatan

flag Day 12 Free day in Roatan

have a relaxing west end beach for great water activities experiences

flag Day 13: Roatan to La Ceiba (by your own) and to Copan

Today you will take a boat on your own to Ceiba Mainland, and take a bus with us from Ceiba to San Pedro Sula and Copan village for Overnight, today you will have a great full day journey

flag Day 22 Copan Ruins

Tday you will have an orientation day trip exploring yourself Mayan Classic in Copan Ruins archeological sites

flag Day 14 Copan Village - Antigua Colonial

Today our local partner will pick you at your hotel to transfer you in Antigua Colonial City, the trip takes 5 hours and will have a great panoramic on the way to see Guatemala East-land

flag Day 15 Antigua - Pacaya Trek

Today at 6 am or 2 pm our local guide will meet you in the hostel to transfer you in Volcan Base to have a local guide to take you walking up for 2 hours to the top to see the Lava remains of Pacaya Volcano

flag Day 16 Antigua - Panajachel Lake Atitlan

After great and awesome experience in Antigua today you will take a shuttle bus from Antigua to Panajachel for 3 hours located at highland of Guatemala country once you are in Panajachel one of our local partner will meet you in indicated point to take you in Mayan Family house to have a great local mayan experience for one night

flag Day 17 Lake Atitlan Relaxing

Today after breakfast with Family you will have a free time just relaxing or swin in the Lake Atitlan, or jump on local safe boat to see Santiago or San Juan La Laguna

flag Day 18 Lake atitlan - Chichicastenango

Today our Local Partner will meet you at you hostel to take you in Chichicastenango so that you can see the market and have great bargain shopping and later will take to antigua village for overnight

flag Day 19 Antigua - Lanquin village

Today travel from Antigua to Lanquin for 7 hours, having along the way great green panoramic

flag Day 20 Semuc Champey and Kanba Caves

Here you dont miss take a local guide to take truck to Semuc Champey pools and immerse yourself in Kanba Caves and later back to Lanquin village

flag Day 21 Lanquin - Flores Island

Today after all you will have a shuttle bus from Lanquin Village to Flores Island, you will have ground transportation for 7 hours

flag Day 22 Flores - Tikal Ruins

Today our local partner will meet you at 4:30 am and transfer you in National Park of Tikal Ruins

flag Day 23 Flores - Belize city - Caye Caulker

Today our local partner will meet you in Hostel to tranfer you in Belize city for 5 hours and on your own way to take a local boat to Caye Caulker island and Coral reeb beach

flag Day 24 Caye Caulker Chilling or Optional activities

Today you will awake at the Beach from your hostel and enjoying the relaxing beach time or take a local water activities

flag Day 25 Caye Caulker to Chetumal and Tulum

Today you will take a safe boat for 3 hours to Chetumal by boat and first classic public bus from Chetumal to Tulum

flag Day 26 Free day in Tulum

Today you can just have free time in relaxing on the beach of Tulum or take on your own the Urban Tour visit archeological site of tulum

flag Day 27 Tulum - Cancun

Today youo take a bus from Tulum to Cancun

flag Day 28 Cancun Chichen Itza Ruins

Today our local partner will meet you in Cancun to take you on the shared van with another turistics travel minded and later back to Cancun

flag Day 29 Cancun Arrival transfer to your Hotel

Today at any time you arrive in Cancun airport and our local partner will meet you there to transfer you in Cancun center

flag Day 30 Free day in Cancun

Today you will have free relaxing day in Cancun you are able to explore the Cancun Beach

flag Day 31Cancun to Chichen Itza to Merida

Today you will take with Marvelus Travel a first class public bus from Cancun center to Chichen Itza ruins for 3 hours, on your own you will explore the masive Mayan Clasicc remains and later continue your trip in Merida for overnight

flag Day 32 Merida to Palenque

Today you will take the first class public bus from Merida Center as overnight bus to Palenque for 9 hours

flag Day 33 Palenque Ruins, Misol-ha, Agua Azul and to San Cristobal

Today at 8 am our local partner will pick you up from Hotel in Palenque and take you to Mayan classic remains of Palenque for 3 hours and later you will be continued to Misol ha tallest Waterfalls in Chiapas, and finally you will have Agua Azul, Cascade to swin, and will drop off in San Cristobal de las Casas for overnight today you will have full day trip

flag Day 34 Caynon del Sumidero

After your breakfast our local partner will meet you in Hotel to transfer you in the River in Chiapas, to take the relaxing boat visiting the tallest cliffs and montains, creating the well knwon Caynon de Sumidero for 2 hours after you continue on the shared to Chiapas corzo for nice stop and finally back to your hotel in San Cristobal

flag Day 35 San Cristobal de las Casas to Oaxaca

About evening time you have orientation walk to get the bus station in San Cristobal de las casas to be transported in Oaxaca for overnight public bus

flag Day 36 Hierve el Agua tour in Oaxaca

Today at 10 am our local partner will meet you and take to the Mezcal local licor fabric to experience whole the process and of course taste it, after that you go to the Mayan Ramains and finnally to the Warm spring Hierva el agua, soak you up yourself for relaxing

flag Day 37 Oaxaca to Mexico city

Today you will have a online orientation to get the First class public bus station and take one to Mexico city, today you will have full day travel bus

flag Day 38 Tour Teotihuacan Pyramids

Today our local partner will meet and transfer you in Shrine Guadalupe for religious experience and later to the pyramids of Teotihuacan Azteca Remains.

Local Activities:

  • Canopy Monteverde
  • La Fortuna Arenal
  • Isleta Granada
  • Pacaya trek
  • Home stay
  • Semuc Champey
  • Tikal tour
  • Chichen itza Ruins
  • Palenque Ruins
  • Caynon del Sumidero
  • Mezcal Factory
  • Teotihuacan pyramids

Local Guides:

  • Canopy Zipline tour Monteverde
  • Isleta Tours Granada
  • Pacaya Trek Antigua
  • Semuc Champey tour Lanquin
  • Tikal Ruins in Flores Peten
  • Chichen Itza Ruins Merida
  • Caynon del Sumidero San Cristobal de las Casas
  • Hierve el Agua Tule Mezcal Oaxaca
  • Teotihuacan Pyramids and Temples Mexico city

Local Transportation:

  • Shared van for 15 passengers
  • First Class public bus
  • Boat


  • International flights
  • Travel Insurrance
  • Tips
  • Meals
  • Accomodations
  • Entrances fees in Activities mentionated by Itinerary