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Trip for:

Backpackers, Great Adventure People.

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Every Day

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ADD ON - Hostel(dorms):

US$400 Extra: Added on accommodation with your trip and sleep at Great Hostel while Travel


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Minimum 1 Maximum 14 pax

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Pacaya Volcano Trek, Isletas, Canopy Zipline, Arenal Volcano / Warm Spring

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Belize / San Jose

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Age Required:

15 - 70


Start in Belize end in San Jose


Local Guide Included:Local Activities and Tours, Shared Bus and Minivan, 19 nights dorms hostels.
Transportation All Your Transportation:  Tourist Public Buses or Hostel to Hostel vans.
Highlight Local Activities:  in destinations along the route.
Itinerary Tour Itineraries:  You stay in each destination according itinerary arranged.
Departures Daily Departures:  in all routes and activities.
assistance Free English Speaking assistance:  for all of your questions for the itinerary.
Contact Email, Gmail Chat or calls phone:  to speak with a MARVELUS Team.

Recommended Time: 20 days

Included stops: 

Belize city Flores Lanquin Lake Atitlan Antigua -San Salvador - Managua - Granada - (Ometepe by your own) Rivas - San Juan Del Sur- Liberia - Monteverde - La Fortuna -San Jose.


flag Day 1– Belize city - Caye Caulker

Today you will take a shared boat from Belize city to Caye Caulker for 1 hours

flag Day 2 – Caye Cualker.(optional activities snorkeling)

Today you have a freedom time to explore at your self the Caye Caulker the water activities

flag Day 3 – Caye Caulker - Belize city - Flores

Today you will take a erlier boat from Caye Caulker to Belize City and at 9 am you will take a shared van from Belize city to Flores, stopping at the borders for customs taday you will travel around 6 hours

flag Day 4 – Flores - Tikal Ruins

Today at 4:30 am our local partner will meet you at the hotel to transfer you in Tikal park to explore the Mayan Classic remains

flag Day 5 – Flores - Lanquin

Today our local partner will meet you in the reception to transfer you in Lanquin village around 8 hours trips, you will travel by shared van

flag Day 6 – Lanquin - Semuc Champey

Today our local partner will pick you up in the hotel to transfer you in Truck to Semuc Champey park to explore the caves, tubins and Crystal natural pools of Semuc Champey

flag Day 7 – Lanquin - Antigua

Today our local partner will meet at the hotel reception at 8 am to take you by shared van in Antigua for 8 hours

flag Day 8 – Antigua - Panajachel - Home stay.

Today you can choose your departure time at 8 am or 12:30 pm, and our local partner will pick you up from Antigua to Panajachel for 3 hours, once you get in Panajachel city, our parnter will dropp you off in Marvelus Travel office, where one our funny staff will take to Mayan Family to have a onvernigt with them getting an awesome experience

flag Day 9 – Home Stay Panajachel - Antigua

Today after breakfast with the Mayan Family, you will take on you own to Panajachel by Local safe bus, t walks and explore Panajachel yourself and around 4 pm you will take a Shared van services from Panajachel to Antigua dropping you off in your recomended hostel

flag Day 10 – Antigua - Pacaya - Trekking

Today you can have a pacaya volcano day tour, leave from Antigua at 4 pm and return around 9 pm, our Partner take you from Hostel in Antigua and ride 1 hour to San Vicente village where you will have a local guide and climbe the Pacaya for 2 hours and 2 hours down, getting on the top dry lave and good panoramics, later back to your hostel

flag Day 11 Antigua to Guatemala city to San Salvador

Today at 9 am our partner will pick you up in Antigua hotel to transfer you in Guatemala city by shared van and later you will take a First class public bus from Guatemala city to San Salvador for overnight

flag Day 12; San Salvador to Managua

Today at 4 am you will take a first class public bus from San Salvador to Managua, this trip you will take 10 hours to Managua capital of Nicaragua and once you are there our local partner will be met you and transfer you in Granada city for overnight

flag Day 13 ; Granada Isleta tours

Today our local partner will meet you in hostel you will take a half day of Isleta tours around Managua Lakes and back to your hostel a local guide will be with you alon the tour

flag Day 14 ; Granada - San Juan del Sur

Today our local partner will meet and take you for 3 hours to San Juan del Sur by shared van for 15 passengers

flag Day 15 San Juan del Sur - Free day

Today you will have relaxing day in San Juan del Sur beach, or just soak up by the huge waves.

flag Day 16 ; San Juan del Sur - Liberia - Monteverde

Today our local reliable partner will pick you up from San Juan del Sur to transfer you in Penas Costa Rica and Nicaragua Border, where you will check your docs and in Costa Rica border side, you will take a public bus to Liberia and liberia our shuttle bus will take you to Monteverde

flag Day 17 Monteverde Canopy

Today at 8 am our local partner will meet you and transfer you in Monteverde hostel and take to national park of Monteverde and make a zipline tour for half day

flag Day 18 ; Monteverde la Fortuna

Today our local partner will meet you and transfer you in La Fortuna Village today you will travel around 2 pm

flag Day 19 ; La Fortuna Arenal Volcano

Today our local partner will meet you in your hotel and transfer you in the Base of Arenal Volcano to experience the real panoramic and along the way you will have also the Warm spring

flag Day 20 ; La Fortuna San Jose - San Jose

Today our local partner will meet you in your hostel and transfer you in San Jose capital of Costa Rica

Local Activities:

  • Pacaya Volcano Trek
  • Isletas
  • Canopy Zipline
  • Arenal Volcano / Warm Spring

Local Guides:

  • Tikal Ruins
  • Semuc Champey tour
  • Pacaya Trek
  • Isleta Tour
  • Monteverde zipline
  • Volcano Arenal Tour

Local Transportation:

  • Shared van for 15 passengers
  • First Class public bus
  • Boat


Entrance fees

  • Pacaya Trekk (7usd)
  • Warm spring in Arenal Walking (5usd)

Hotels & Hostel

  • We can only just recommended or book for you and pay when you show up