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Backpackers, Great Adventure People.

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Every Day

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ADD ON - Hostel(dorms):

US$200 Extra: Add on accommodation with your trip and sleep at Great and funny Hostel while Travel


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Minimum 1 Maximum 14 pax

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6 Local tours and attractions

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Guatemala / Cancun

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Age Required:

15 - 70


Start in Guatemala City end in Cancun City (D)


Local Guide Included: Free included activities with bus passes.
Transportation All Your Transportation:  in First Class Public Buses or Hostel to Hostel vans.
Highlight Activities included:  in destinations along the route.
Itinerary Flexible Itineraries:  so you can feel free to stay as long as you want in each destination.
Departures Daily Departures:  in all routes and activities.
assistance Free English Speaking assistance:  for all of your questions and itinerary changes.
Contact Email, Skype, MSN, Gmail Chat or over the phone:  to speak with a MARVELUS Representative. 

insurance IMPORTANT NOTE: we recommend you go at your country embasy for life assurance, also we are not responsable for any belongings or Properties, forgot at any services you takes with Marvelus Travel.

Recommended Time: 8 days

Included stops: 

Guatemala city-Antigua-Volcan Pacaya-Chichicastenango-Panajachel -San Cristobal- Misol ha-Agua Azul-Palenque-Merida-Chichen itza-Cancun


flag Day 1– Guatemala city to Antigua

our van will meet you on the international airport for your transfer to Antigua

flag Day 2 – Pacaya Volcano Trek

Today at 2 pm we pick you up from your hostel in Antigua to transfer you in San Vicente village and pay a fee and one local guide take you to the top of Pacaya volcano to see the steam on the top on it, spot where you will take a lot of pictures and back on the bottom and later back to the hotel

flag Day 3 – Antigua to Chichicastenango (Mayan Market) to Panajachel (home stay) (Thursday and Sunday)

Today our tour leader will meet you in the reception to take you in panajachel at your hotel or Home stay for 1 nights, or more you will transfers on the shared van for 15 passengers

flag Day 4 – Panajachel to San Cristobal de las Casas

Today at 6 am our local partner travel will meet you in the hotel to transfer you in Mexico and Guatemala border for documetation and continue your trip in San Cristobal de las casas, after all you will travel for 11 hours

flag Day 5 – Caynon del Sumidero

Today our local expert guide will pick you up from your hostel and travel in Caynon Sumidero, on the river will take a relaxing boat to see the Crocodile and spider monkeys also experience the longer hill on the chiapas, and later letsgo to the chiapas de corzo and comeback to the hotel

flag Day 6 – San Cristobal to Misol-ha, Agua Azul and to Palenque Ruins

Today at earlier in the morning will meet you in the reception and transfers you in Agua Azul Cascades for a gorgeous relaxing in the Cascades and later continue Misolha and finnally in Palenque Ruins for Mayan Clasics

flag Day 7 – Palenque to Merida

Today you will take a overnight autobus from Palenque to Merida, you will travel for 7 hours

flag Day 8 – Merida, Chichen Itza and to Cancun

Today our local expert guide will meet you in the reception for transportation in Chichen Itza Ruins for orientation walks in the Park and later you will travel from Chichen itza to Cancun

Local Activities:

  • Pacaya Trekk
  • Home Stay Mayan Expirience
  • Misol ha Agua azul Palenque ruins in the jungle
  • Chichen Itza Ruins

Local Guides:

  • Pacaya Trek
  • Cañon del sumidero by boat
  • Chichen itza ruins
  • Uxmal Mayan Ruins

Local Transportation:

  • Shared van for 15 passengers
  • First Class public bus
  • Boat


Entrance fees

  • Pacaya Trek (7usd)
  • Uxmal Ruins (7usd)
  • Chichen Itza (15)

Hotels & Hostel

  • We are able to book for you add on for your bus pass