How to get from Guatemala City to Melchor de Mencos?

There 1 way to get from GUATEMALA CITY TO MELCHOR DE MENCOS BORDERS by Reclining 40 seats AUTOBUS with 1 Operators.

Ride Autobus Tickets Maya de Oro

Reclining Seats Bus by Maya de Oro

Pick up: 17 Calle, Zona 1 Cdad. de Guatemala
Drop off: Melchor de Mencos Border
Durarion: 8 hrs.

Trip Note: This is a Tourist Bus Fuentes del Norte for 30 PAX, from Guatemala city to Melchor de Mencos, its a Bus Station to Bus Station ride, note you should arrive at the Counter of Fuentes del Norte Bus at 30 minutes before to show your ticket up.

4 times a day
Price From:
US$48 P/


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